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Cogito, ergo sum.

Rene Descartes

11 June 1991

I hope to go to NYC in summer to study/make comics for 4 years. :)
I also enjoy film, literature, philosophy, feminism and all the fine arts.

"In order to comprehend this total emancipation of all the symbolic powers
one must have reached the same measure of inner freedom those powers
themselves were making manifest; which is to say that the votary of
Dionysos could not be understood except by his own kind. It is not difficult
to imagine the awed surprise with which the Apollonian Greek must have
looked on him. And that surprise would be further increased as the latter
realized, with a shudder, that all this was no so alien to him after all, that
his Apollonian consciousness was but a thin veil hiding from him the whole
Dionysiac realm." --Friedrich Nietzsche, from the Birth of Tragedy

"If there is anything that should not be censored, that is art. Art should be
an expression with no limits. Art should move and sometimes even shock
people." ---Dillen Bruno

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